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Combining Images for Better Cinemagraphs

Tue, 2017-06-13 13:13

One of the issues when creating cinemagraphs is that sometimes the point at which the clip begins is not the same as end point. While this may seem fairly normal, it becomes an issue when dealing with liquids. As you add more to the cup the level changes and thus causes an issue with the mask that you create in cinemagraph pro. Watch the video below or head to my youtube channel and subscribe for more videos like this

If you mask for the starting point, in the case of the video below, the coffee will be fine but it will miss a key element of the image (my hand). If you mask for the hand then the starting point of the coffee will be much lower than than the final point and will end up looking off. So what can you do? Combine the best of both images in photoshop.


The Best of Both Worlds

If you didn’t already know, you can drag the purple bar to any point of your video clip and export any number of images from cinemagraph pro. So the best thing to do in this case is to find the two images that you want and export them out of cinemagraph pro. Then once they are open in photoshop, choose the image that you want on top and duplicate the layer. Choose the other (bottom) image for the destination. Once you have the layers together you can close the other image as you won’t need it anymore.

The Mask

Then all you have to do is make the area that you want to show and then flatten or merge the layers to complete the process. Make sure that your foreground colour is set to black by clicking “x” if it changes to white just tap “x” again. The masking works really well here because you have shot this on a tripod and everything should be the same. Thus, masking in the same element just when a few seconds of time difference is simple and easy.

Both images are combined here, seamlessly, in photoshop


When finished, just import the image back into cinemagraph pro. The mask and any tonal changes will be still intact. So if you change your mind and want to choose a different set of images or even reset the still image, your mask and tonal edits will stay the same. This is one of the best things about this whole process.

The Final Product

As you can see here I took the cup from the beginning of the clip and added in my hand from the end of the clip. This adds a lot more visual tension that I talked about in a previous post. Don’t forget that if you want to learn how to create cinemagraphs get out my Cinemagraph pro tutorial here. I will take you through the complete process from start to finish using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro

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Seoul Fit: Sprout Seoul Natural Healthy Whole Food Service Menu Day 1

Tue, 2017-06-13 00:36

Bikini season is right around the corner. I want to look and feel my best ever, especially since I’m turning 30 in August! Good thing I have Sprout Seoul Natural Healthy Whole Food Service helping me reach my health and fitness goals. Check out my intro/ breakdown on their services, and stay tuned for daily fitness and nutrition diaries (ie. my Sprout Seoul meals and workouts) on That Girl Cartier in the days to come!

Chocolate Breakfast Bowl with Nuts, Seeds and Coconut Flakes The Sprout Seoul breakfasts are definitely dense and heavy.  The light chocolate flavour chia seeds were filling I ate half and took the rest to work!  I liked the texture straight out of the fridge, but preferred the taste after having brought it to work (so an hour and a half of thawing).  The chia seeds are pretty chewy, the coconut adds nice flavour and texture, and the sunflower seeds give a little surprise change in flavour.  The chocolate is pretty subtle, but what I would expect from vegan food. Burrito Bowl with Cilantro Lime Brown Rice, Savoury and Spicy Lentil Meat, Fresh Salsa, Mixed Greens and Mixed Bell Peppers By lunchtime I was still feeling very full from breakfast. This bowl didn’t really look like much when I cracked it open, but by the halfway mark I was feeling pretty satisfied.  I put about a third away and had it as a mid-afternoon snack.  I counted kale, lettuce, yellow pepper, green pepper, red pepper, cherry tomato, pico de gallo (tomato, cilantro, red onion), lentils, and rice. The lentils are the perfect texture (squishy, but not overcooked) and well-seasoned, but not too salty.  The mix of tastes is fresh and satisfying on this hot day!  I could probably even do with more veggies and less rice as it’s very filling and getting heavy!

Butter Chickpea Curry over Brown Rice

Beyond the chickpeas and brown rice I think I counted celery, carrot, and spinach? I could eat this everyday with some pepper and chili flakes and never get bored. If I were making it for myself I’d go easier on the brown rice opting for more veggies like mixed peppers. It’s super good, though! The curry is quite rich without having overwhelming curry flavour.  My breath won’t stink, but my taste-buds are happy.  This was a perfect Monday night dinner. Sprout Seoul uses a lot of herbs and spices which definitely hit the spot for me!

Raw Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Pie I ate the whole thing.  I’m not ashamed because it was for journalism (and because it was melting pretty quickly).  I tasted coconut ice cream on top. The bottom was the closest thing to a fudgy, rich, decadent brownie I’ve had in Korea. I don’t really eat brownies with ice cream usually. I could eat the fudgy base on its own or the ice cream on its own.  It was pretty heavy.  Like breakfast and dinner I could have halfed the portions, but I didn’t.  I wonder if eating these as prescribed will have me gaining or losing weight?  If you have sugary cravings then this is the snack for you. If you’re normally a very strict eater then Sprout Seoul desserts will make you feel all kinds of cheat meal guilt! Order them with caution, as they’re delicious enough to devour in one go! Sprout Seoul + Fitness

I’m not exactly the best runner, but I got in 3.5 km on the treadmill before hitting the free weights, weight machines, and floor for abs.  Switching up your diet is always a good idea when trying to make a change, but I’ve had plenty more and haven’t had to rely on coffee.

Be sure to pin this on Pinterest and mention *That Girl Cartier* when you order to get a free snack!

Meal Plan Options
3 days, 12 items: 75,000 (Save 6,000!)
5 days, 20 items: 115,000 (Save 20,000!)
7 days, 28 items: 150,000 (Save 39,000!)

Directions: Sprout Seoul Food Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick up is available on Sunday and Monday from 3pm-8pm.  We took the plunge and walked up HBC hill on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon.  Sprout Seoul wasn’t too hard to find.  You can take the #2 little, green shuttle bus or you can walk!  If you’re taking the subway to Sprout Seoul, take Exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station and walk straight veering left at the kimchi pots and up the hill.  Stay on that main HBC street (Sinheung-ro) following as it continues to veer left.  At the plateau, turn left and walk down about half a block until you see their storefront on the main floor.

Want to know exactly what I ate?  Stay tuned for more links to diary entries and reviews of each Sprout Seoul dish I ordered!  Thanks to Sprout Natural Healthy Whole Food Service for keeping The Toronto Seoulcialite fit, nourished, and healthy!  While this article has been written in partnership, all reviews are honest and opinions are my own.

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Michael Breen On His New Book, “The New Koreans”

Mon, 2017-06-12 22:38
Michael Breen On His New Book, “The New Koreans”

Michael Breen is a writer & consultant who first came to South Korea as a correspondent in 1982. He’s covered North & South Korea for several newspapers, including the Guardian, The Times & the Washington Times. Few are more knowledgeable about Korea than Michael Breen, a trained journalist who’s lived here for many years & whose connections go right to the very heart of the country. His new book, The New Koreansexplains the history, the business & the culture of South Korea, as well as where its future lies.

Michael Breen recently discussed his new book at a public event hosted by Barry Welsh of the Seoul Book & Culture Club. In this two part episode, Breen first talks with Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland about The New Koreans, followed by a Q&A with those in attendance at the event hosted by Barry Welsh.

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Britney in my Seoul – Oops, I did it again…

Mon, 2017-06-12 01:27
Britney Spears in Seoul, South Korea

Saturday June 10th Britney Spears played a show in Korea.  She was actually in Tokyo when I went with Co-P, but we didn’t go to the show.  We actually began the break up process at Haneda Airport, but that’s a story for another time.  Oops…I did it again.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see her live, and I certainly didn’t think it’d be in Korea of all places!  Even cooler?  With G Dragon playing a show and Ultra Music Festival this weekend we got our KRW 99,000 tickets (just over $100 Canadian) upgraded TWICE.  I was sent to 3 different windows and had to wait a long time while they got their act together, but I walked away with VVIP tickets which had a value closer to $400 Canadian…each!  I got all gussied up with fabulous fellow blogger “A Fat Girl’s Food Guide“.  We had all kinds of laughs I really needed outside the venue, and went inside just before the show.


There was no opening act.  Britney got straight into it and didn’t stop for an hour and a half.  She was strictly business, purely professional, and an enchanting entertainer.  The fan favourites were all a blur, fading into one another in a medley that got me in the zone!  Last night was a reminder that if Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through the day, too.


The past year has not exactly been my easiest.  I came to Korea to give myself a break from a stressful job and a toxic work environment.  After a healthy, comfortable, calm year in Busan, I decided to take on the capital city: Seoul.  I was right back in a difficult work environment with longer hours and less time to dedicate to fitness and finding friends.  Sprinkle in a couple of dating disasters and Itaewon drama, and voila!  You’ve got yourself a pretty shit sundae.  It’s getting tougher and tougher to pick myself up.  I truly believe that you should take as many lessons as you can from a negative situation.  Reflecting on our actions, reactions, and the ones from the people around us is crucial to personal development.  While I often feel like I take one step forward and 3 steps back, I want to move forward and enter my 30’s with joy and energy.

Work, B*tch

On Mondays I aim to ease into the week.  I get to work with the youngest kids on Mondays.  While conversation is tougher, the cuddles tend to be plentiful.  My gym doesn’t open until 8 AM on Mondays, so I take it easy.  I talk to my parents on Skype every Monday and always look forward to our weekly ritual.  I’ve partnered with Sprout Seoul (Natural Healthy Whole Food Service in Korea), so I skipped out on my weekly meal prep in favour of flavour.  I’ll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or dessert free of over-processed ingredients, chemicals and additives.  I’ll be sharing pictures and honest thoughts on the menu here daily, too.  Last time I ordered from Sprout I was down 3 kg within days.  I’m thrilled to be on the 5 day plan.  If you order from Sprout Seoul, make sure to mention The Toronto Seoulcialite or That Girl Cartier to get a free snack!

…One More Time

I’ve read that we should start now rather than waiting for a special occasions. I say, take what you can get.  New Year’s Eve, a birthday, a new job, a break-up or even a Monday is an opportunity.  I’ve got a recent break-up, a birthday on the horizon (August 6th if you’re keeping track), and the Monday trap tomorrow.  I want to take these opportunities as spring boards to a better me.  As cheesy as it all sounds, a fresh start is exactly what I think I need.  With a new gym membership, Sprout Seoul, a little Restylane c/o Eunogo, some rad new friends, the love of more than a couple drag queens, and Britney in my Seoul, I’m Stronger.  Now get to work, b*tch!


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South Korea Stacking Olympic Hockey Team With North American Players

Sun, 2017-06-11 23:37

To prepare for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang winter olympics, South Korea is investing in both infrastructure & athletes, with one sport in particular making headlines for its addition of foreign-born players. Last year, Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland spoke with Korean Ice Hockey Association international coordinator Kwan Choi about the six North American players (five Canadian & one American) added to the team at that time. Dorland also spoke with Colorado native Mike Testwuide about his journey moving to the ROK to play for the Anyang Halla & now for the South Korean Olympic hockey team.

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Kimchi juice, raccoon cafes, and more in This Week in Korea

Sun, 2017-06-11 16:00
Kimchi juice, raccoon cafes, and more in This Week in Korea

 When I came to Busan in 2000, there were a few small chicken joints in my neighborhood with quirky names like Goopy Chicken, Chicken Syndrome, and my personal favorite, Smoper, which presented a rare case of a foreign word – “smurf” – being transliterated into Hangeul (스머프), which was then used as the basis of its transliteration back 

into the Roman alphabet. All of them were more or less interchangeable in what they offered, and they sat pretty much right on top of another. I often wondered how they stayed in business.

The answer of course is that they didn’t. According to statistics from the Fair Trade Commission reported by the Chosun Ilbo, though over 41,000 chicken restaurants opened last year, 24,000 thousand went out of business. In other words, a chicken restaurant fails every 22 minutes, while the market inches even further beyond saturation.

While some point to a copycat mentality in explaining the proliferation of chicken places, others have pointed out that the explosion has its roots in the 1997 Asian economic crisis, when many out-of-work salarymen were attracted to the business by its low entry fee and operating costs.

I got a chuckle out of this short video by NPR reporter Elise Hu, who recently visited a few of Seoul’s animal cafes. As Hu notes, animal cafes have been popping up in many Asian cities, and are often popular because they provide a way for people who can’t have pets to get their regular fix of animal interaction. While she quickly takes a shine to the dog cafe, the raccoon cafe is another story.

I also came across this piece on kimchi juice, which is not referring to the liquid that pools at the bottom of your kimchi container, but a bottled “100% organic kimchi juice” that the manufacturer describes as “fresh, raw, and alive” and is selling for $16.99 per 32 ounce bottle.

It has an Amazon rating of 4.2 stars, but some of the reviews seem a bit, shall we say, overenthusiastic. One reviewer called it “the nectar of the gods”, while another had this to say:

My kids used to argue about who got the juice from the Kim Chi jar, now they can drink to their hearts content.

While I don’t see myself fighting my kids over who gets to guzzle the last drop, I will say

Kimchi cocktails are another possibility

that I have found one use for kimchi juice – the old-fashioned, bottom-of-the-tub kind, that is: I drizzle it into my kimchi bokkeumbap to give it a bit of added moisture and flavor.

One of the other takeaways from the article is that the product contains a microbe that is named after kimchi: a species of lactobacillus called lactobacillus kimchii that was proposed as a distinct species in 2000 by JH Yoon et. al. Time will tell if the proposed classification holds up to peer review, but for now, our wide and wonderful world contains a living organism named for kimchi.



Unbuam Hermitage – 운부암 (Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do)

Sun, 2017-06-11 13:53

The Wontong-jeon main hall at Unbuam Hermitage in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Hello Again Everyone!!

Unbuam Hermitage is one of several hermitages directly associated with the famed Eunhaesa Temple. Both Eunhaesa Temple and Unbuam Hermitage are located on the eastern slopes of Mt. Palgongsan (1,192m) in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

After arriving at Eunhaesa Temple, make your way past the temple grounds and head northwest. You’ll need to head in this direction for about 3.5 km. The hike is pretty flat the entire way. When you do finally arrive at Unbuam Hermitage, you’ll notice two large artificial ponds out in front of the main hermitage grounds. While the one to the right is rather non-descript, the pond to the left has a towering stone statue of the Bodhidharma standing in the centre of the muddy water.

Between both of the ponds, you’ll find an unpainted Bulimun Gate (The Gate of Non-Duality). Up a set of uneven stone stairs, you’ll see the large Boje-ru Pavilion straight in front of you. This gate shields people from seeing directly into the hermitage courtyard. You’ll need to pass under the Boje-ru Pavilion, and up the set of stairs at its centre to finally gain entry to the main hermitage courtyard.

As you step into Unbuam Hermitage’s courtyard, you’ll find that the main hall is book-ended by two long buildings. The building to the left is the visitors’ centre and kitchen, while the long unpainted building to your right is the monks’ quarters. And standing all alone in the middle of the hermitage courtyard is a diminutive three story stone pagoda.

Past the smaller sized pagoda, you’ll see the rather stout Wontong-jeon main hall at Unbuam Hermitage. The exterior walls to the main hall are adorned with fading murals. If you look closely up at the eaves, you’ll notice some of the fading floral patterns that were once a bit more vibrant. As for the main hall itself, and seated all alone on the main altar in a glass enclosure, is a statue of Gwanseeum-bosal. This highly ornate statue is Korean Treasure #514. If you look closely at this early Joseon Period (1392-1910) masterpiece, you’ll notice the flames, flowers and birds of paradise decorating the crown. This gilt bronze statue stands one metre in height. As for the rest of the main hall, you’ll find a guardian mural and Jijang-bosal (The Bodhisattva of the Afterlife) mural hanging on the far right wall.

To the left rear of the Wontong-jeon main hall, you’ll find a brand new Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall. This hall, which will become apparent soon, is highly original in a few ways. First, there are three rooms housed inside the Samseong-gak. But instead of being divided into rooms dedicated to various shaman deities like at Beomeosa Temple, this shaman shrine hall has rooms to the left and right dedicated to those that want to pray alone.

As for the central room inside the Samseong-gak, you’ll find three paintings housed inside it. Typically, the Chilseong (The Seven Stars) painting hangs in the centre of the triad of shaman paintings. But inside this hall, the Chilseong painting hangs on the left wall, while the Dokseong (The Lonely Saint) painting hangs on the right wall. And taking centre stage inside the Samseong-gak is one of the most original Sanshin (The Mountain Spirit) murals I have seen in all of Korea. Sitting front and centre is a seated image of Sanshin. And he’s joined by his companion, a tiger, to the left. But what sets this painting apart are the five painted images of monks in the mural. In the back row appear the images of Uisang-daesa (625-702) to the left and Wonhyo-daesa (617-686) to the right. As for the front row, and in the centre, appears Gyeongheo-seonsa (1849-1912). And he’s joined on either side by Seongcheol-seonsa (1912-1993) and Jinje-seonsa. The only guess that I have as to why they all appear in the Sanshin mural is that all five might have appeared alongside Sanshin to the head monk at Unbuam Hermitage in a dream.

And the reason why I think this might be true is that to the rear of the Wontong-jeon main hall and past the vegetable garden at Unbuam Hermitage, you’ll find what looks to be an abandoned building over a bit of a ridge. Without any sign board indicating what might be housed inside, you’ll have to take a look for yourself. And when you do, you’ll find a beautiful modern painting of yet another Sanshin.

Entrance fee to Eunhaesa Temple, where Unbuam Hermitage is located, is 3,000 won.

HOW TO GET THERE: You can either catch a bus from Hayang or Yeongcheon bus station. The bus ride will cost you about 2,000 won. It’s probably easier to get to Yeongcheon bus station. The bus to Eunhaesa Temple, from Yeongcheon, leaves 8 times a day and it takes about 45 minutes. The first bus leaves at 6:20 a.m. and the last bus leaves at 8:00 p.m. And from Eunhaesa Temple, you’ll need to continue to walk west of the temple, and to the north, towards Unbuam Hermitage. The walk takes about 3.5 km.

OVERALL RATING: 6.5/10. While not as large as the neighbouring Eunhaesa Temple, Unbuam Hermitage is packed with originality. There’s both the Bodhidharma statue, the slender Bulimun Gate, and the Boje-ru Pavilion that first welcome you to the hermitage. But that’s just for starters, because housed inside the main hall is an amazing gilt bronze statue of Gwanseeum-bosal that just so happens to be Korean Treasure #514. And last, but certainly not least, is the highly original Sanshin and monk mural housed inside the Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall.

As you first approach Unbuam Hermitage.

The entry to Unbuam Hermitage with the Bodhidharma off in the distance.

The pond with the Bodhidharma statue in the centre.

The Bulimun Gate that welcomes you to the main hermitage grounds.

A look through the Bulimun Gate towards the Boje-ru Pavilion.

A better look at the all-natural Boje-ru Pavilion.

The view as you first step inside the hermitage courtyard.

A look inside the Boje-ru Pavilion.

The compact entrance to one of the monks’ quarters.

The Bodhidharma guiding you towards the hermitage kitchen.

A look up at the Wontong-jeon Hall at Unbuam Hermitage.

A look through the front door of the Wontong-jeon Hall.

Korean Treasure #514, Gwanseeum-bosal.

The newly built Samseong-gak shaman shrine hall at the hermitage.

One of the prayer rooms inside the Samseong-gak.

The amazing, and highly original, Sanshin mural at Unbuam Hermitage.

Who is joined by Dokseong to the right.

The tile work and fading floral patterns that adorn the Wontong-jeon main hall.

The seemingly abandoned Sanshin-gak to the rear of the hermitage grounds.

Housed inside is this beautiful second Sanshin mural at the hermitage.

One final look from the hermitage courtyard.

Top 5 High Salary ESL Teaching Jobs

Sun, 2017-06-11 12:08
High Salary ESL Teaching Jobs

Teachers mainly gravitate towards educational careers, driven by the passion of enriching the lives of their students. Of course this is reality! This choice is not driven by money in most cases. Rather, it’s the joy and contentment of the job that makes teachers choose their profession. Shaping and guiding young minds-love it!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But, let’s be real. Many teachers decide to work abroad for the money and it’s often possible for them to save more in a place like Korea or Japan than it is working a job back in their home countries.

Get Qualified to Compete for Top Jobs

When it comes to high salary teaching jobs in the expatriate community, those teaching ESL abroad are probably placed at the bottom. But teaching ESL abroad can be an attractive if you have a CELTA or TEFL or TESOL certification and a Master’s degree. Many countries across the world offer lucrative pay packages along with outstanding benefits to teachers having the said certifications. But before you jump into this field, you need to opt for some basic preparations. These will become extremely helpful when you’ll be actually looking for such jobs.

Below are some of the preparations you’ll need to make before heading Abroad:

Network your Way to a Great Job

Try to network with others who are teaching ESL abroad or teaching ESL in your own country. These people will be the chief support providers when you’ll be in need of help or encouragement. Joining a social networking site is a real good option as well. There are many ESL pages and groups available with thousands of members. If your key motivation for teaching ESL abroad is money, you may try to join some Middle Eastern groups.

Get a High Salary Job Online

Try to get hired before heading out for teaching ESL abroad. It’ll help you in settling in the new country, in terms of finding a house or getting yourself accustomed with the city.

Research, a Lot

Try to know the ins and outs of the destination where you’ll be working. Make yourself familiar with the rules and customs of the region as well as the regional languages spoken by your students. Any sort of preparation you make before going will be time well-spent.

5 Countries for High Paying ESL Teaching Jobs 

If you have your eyes set on teaching ESL abroad, you can take your pick from the following list of 5 high paying countries.


Residents of these oil-rich nations have been encouraged to enhance their English skills, thanks to the increasing number of global corporations that have opened their operations here. The job market in the ESL field is quite competitive in this region and a master’s degree and/or a professional educational background are generally required. Salaries vary between US$2000 – US$5000 per month and most companies offer benefits like annual return airfare to the home country, furnished accommodation and health insurance. It can be an excellent place to consider if you have a family because international school tuition is often included in the package.

Looking for a high salary ESL teaching job? Head straight here!


Along with a lucrative pay package, the democratic and prosperous Asian society of this nation offers an opportunity to feel the Chinese culture in a subtropical ambiance. Salaries vary between US$2000 – US$4000 per month although extra benefits are almost nil since no bonuses, airfares or health insurances are on offer. However, if you have a bit of hustle and are willing to piece together a few different jobs, the sky is almost the limit.


Korea has been a much sought after destination for a long time for teaching ESL abroad. Though the salary is sometimes a little lower than Taiwan, the additional benefits on offer are excellent. Generally, salaries here vary between US$2000 – US$3000 per month. Although the days of “high-salary” everything in South Korea are done, it’s still a great place to find a well-paying job. Additional benefits include furnished accommodation, return airfare, health insurance and end of contract bonus of an additional month’s salary.

If you can get a How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of your Dreams with low teaching hours and overtime opportunities, it is possible to earn more than US$5000 per month. See University Jobs in South Korea for details about getting one of these prime jobs.


Japan has been a top destination for competent English teachers for a long time. Along with a standard pay package, the country offers a unique combination of cuisine, culture, natural beauty and history to soak in.  Salaries offered are around US$3000 per month. Additional benefits may include return airfare, accommodation, health insurance and a little bonus.

If you’re looking for a high salary teaching job and are willing to live frugally, consider Japan!


For the last 10 years, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for ESL teachers. There are plenty of opportunities available in the nation’s ESL centers, universities and schools. Teachers can enjoy a distinct blend of Buddhist Khmer culture and Chinese Confucianism along with spectacular beaches, colorful cities and mountainous highlands. Salaries vary between US$1000 – US$3000 per month. This is well within the “high-salary” zone. Additional benefits may include only the bonus, which is usually equal to a month’s salary; teachers are mostly responsible to organize their own housing.

Where to Find an English Teaching Job Online

These days, there are so many websites where you can find ESL teaching jobs online. But, my 3 favourites include:

ESL Cafe- The oldest and although it’s not so user-friendly, it does have a massive number of jobs.

Profs Abroad– This is a paid site that compiles university jobs from around the world onto one single site. It’s well worth the money because it’ll save you a ton of time.

IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…BUT…The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial FutureList Price:$11.99Price:$11.99Price Disclaimer

Of course teaching English abroad isn’t all about the money. People teach abroad to have a bit of an adventure, a change in life or because they genuinely want to help people learn English. But, if you have some students loans or other debts to pay off, or want to save up money for something like grad school or a down payment on a house, you’d do well to consider one of these 5 destinations.

You’ll also need to read The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future, which is the first and only personal finance book specifically for English teachers abroad. It’ll help you set yourself up for some financial awesome in your future. You want some awesome, don’t you?

You can check out the Wealthy English Teacher on Amazon:


Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 5] – Intermediate Korean (Listening Practice)

Sun, 2017-06-11 08:13

Are you preparing for the TOPIK test, a government Korean test, or a Korean test at school? Then let me help you prepare with my video series focused on Korean test questions and explanations.

This episode will cover another example of a listening question.

More episodes to come soon!

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