South Africa vs. Paraguay
June 2, 2002
Busan Asian Stadium

Photos by Jan Coveney

ActionShoot.JPG Isnthegorgeous.JPG ColourfulRSAsupporters.JPG
Curveseverywhere.JPG FIFAbannersacrossthestadium.JPG Filmanyone.JPG
Flagsofsomeoftheparticipatingcountries.JPG GoodwillBall.JPG Bannersonthepillars.JPG
Itwasalongclimbtoourseat.JPG Iveonlygotoneticket.JPG KoreaParaguayflags.JPG
KoreanDrummers.JPG Noproblemsifitrains.JPG Paraguayansupporters.JPG
Photosanyone.JPG Sajikstadium.JPG SajikStadiumsetting.JPG
SajikStadiumwalkways.JPG Structuralview.JPG Thefansstreamin.JPG

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