Last words from the Rodeo
By M. R. Bradie and John Bocskay

The Beat March 2003

On February 13th, Busan‘s cheap beer enthusiasts marked the passing of their favorite regular watering hole, the Rodeo Western Bar in Daeyeondong.

John, the owner, cited health problems, constantly returning home at five a.m. to an angry wife, and better business prospects with a kimchi jjigae restaurant as reasons for closing.

What was meant to be a final night party became an Irish wake for the loss of a friendly pub. Here are some of the last words spoken in honor of the Rodeo.

Favorite memory of the Rodeo?
Being here for the World Cup. It was just a great time. Five thousand people on the street. Flour being thrown everywhere. Everyone being drunk in the middle of the day. It was a good time. And no fighting. I was in the Rodeo for part of it.

Favorite memory of the Rodeo?
Actually it's many memories. Anytime that Jeff Bell and Ty were in the same room. I don't know why...the temperature changed.

Best memory of the Rodeo?
Behind the bar man, that's where it's all at. Being the bartender with John (the owner), drunk, singing noraebang out on the floor and Junior hitting on the old ladies. All at the same time.
Really old ladies?
Uh, they were old. Ajummas.

How would you feel if somebody tied you down and allowed a chinchilla to lick your nuts?
That'd be cool.
Okay, this is a real question: What's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen at the Rodeo?
This is a real question: Would you like me to fire this fucking tape recorder off the wall?

Best memory of the Rodeo?

Best memory of the Rodeo?
My best memory is throwing up in here. I threw up twice in a period of like five minutes. Actually right where I'm sitting now, I threw up, and about six feet away, I threw up again. It was brown – chunky. And I remember vividly, apologizing to John, “I'm sorry, I can hold my alcohol. But I don't know what you were serving me, 'cause that wasn't alcohol.” (Laughs)

Best memory of the Rodeo?
My best memory of the Rodeo is to come here and feel that I can be myself. And feel no pressure, and just be myself.

What's your best memory of the Rodeo?
The best memory of the Rodeo is one night we were jammin', me and Jay, and there were a bunch of people and we were all singing songs. And another time almost getting in a fist fight here with Chip playing Axis and Allies. Chip thought I was cheating 'cause he was losing.

Worst memory of the Rodeo?
I was going to Canada, and me and my girlfriend came in hoping to see some people, and there was nobody here, and they were playing songs like Let It Be. I was going away for a month, and we wanted to meet some people, and hang out and have some beers, and we heard Let It Be, and sad lonely songs in an empty bar.

Best memories at the Rodeo?
I gotta sift through the sands.

Gerry 1
Best and worst memories of the Rodeo?
My best memory is probably during the world cup, getting fucked up, dancing with my lady, just getting totally inebriated. Worst memories: keeping Johnny here until five or six a.m., Junior and I fuckin' barking at him to pour us more booze. The man just wants to go home. But we were putting him through hell.

Gerry 2
Best and worst memories of the Rodeo…what about the keg party?
I can't remember the keg party. My worst memory is getting my ass kicked by you in chess.

Best and worst memories of the Rodeo?
My worst moment was Hugo and Ido working, where all drinks were one-for-three for about two months. Best was when Nova Scotia L___ gave Charles the “Ho card” and then immediately fell out of her chair and rolled around on the ground like a beached whale.

Best and worst memories of the Rodeo
My best moments are probably finishing a long shift of work and coming here and having a cold beer for 2,000 won, even though it's shit-piss, but it tastes pretty good after eight hours. And playing cards with the guys. A couple hours of cards, go home, go to bed, that was pretty much my best moments, nice and quiet. My worst moments are probably my hangovers after drinking Galliano and tequila with Junior.

In general, this place has been a really good hang-out for foreigners and Koreans alike to come and intermingle with each other, and have a good time. It's more like a country western bar feeling, with a little razzmatazz thrown in for good measure. I'm going to miss this place a lot.

Best and worst memories of the Rodeo?
Best: coming here after road-hockey. Sore as can be, gettin' stinkin' drunk. Or the patio out front. Definitely the best time. Harassing Koreans walking by. Worst: picking big ole' dark Jen off the floor after she puked all over herself in here.

Why [is it a good idea to wipe your ass with “wet naps”]?
Because you never go in the shower and wash “wet naps” sticky stuff out of your ass. There is not one human being who wipes his ass with toilet paper, who hasn't gone in the shower and all of a sudden gone, “Damn! There's toilet paper in my ass!”

Worst memory of the Rodeo?
Any of Junior's stories.
Junior's stories? I think it's Junior's suits.
But they're also my best memory.

Best and worst memories of the Rodeo?
The best memory is of this one time I picked up two girls in one night, from this bar. Believe it or not. The worst memory has to be the toilet. After a late night, Saturday, it's some of the nastiest shit you'll ever see.

Your dick's got three green warts, which one do you pop first? The one on the left or the right?
The right.

What's so special about this place?
This is the livingroom. We started calling it that almost two years ago...It‘s a sad day for me. I‘m going to miss the Rodeo.

John (Owner)
Which foreigner will you miss the most?
Junior, Bruce, Sarah, K, Antony, Jeremie...everybody.


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