KBS's 'Nationwide Now'
May 15 , 2001
Real Player

Windows Media
To download a video file to your hard drive, RIGHT CLICK on the 'download' icon and 'save target as'.  You'll need to have  Windows Media Player or Real Player installed in order to open these files.  You will be able to stream the Windows Media video only if you are using MS Internet Explorer - streaming does not work with Netscape. 

May18-04.jpg May18-07.jpg May18-13.jpg
May18-15.jpg May18-21.jpg May18-24.jpg
May18-31.jpg May18-34.jpg May18-50.jpg
May18-39.jpg May18-43.jpg May18-44.jpg
May18104.jpg May18-45.jpg May18-48.jpg
May18-51.jpg May18-62.jpg May18-68.jpg
May18-80.jpg May18-81.jpg May18-82.jpg
May18-83.jpg May18-87.jpg May18101.jpg