An interview with 
Kim Young Il
Secretary General of  the 
Pusan Chapter of KCTU
(in Korean)

Translated Transcript
Q1 . What are the main demands of the demonstrators? 
 We, KCTU and the workers have got together here demanding the 
present government to implement four main things. The unemployment rate has been soaring high and we are not going to sit by and see it keep going on. Thus, we demand the government stop layoffs and restructuring Cut down working hours Guarantee the social security net Secure the rights to  get a better pay, to organize individual industrial unions, and  to hold  meetings publicly  and negotiate motions. 

 Q2 .  What do you think of  Kim Dae Jung regime and the Pusan government and their policies? 
 Since the government has repressed the workers unfairly, the clamors  they make against all these injustices are getting louder and louder. Considering that Pusan has shown the highest unemployment rate so far, it is so clear that their policies are a failure  and  they're not showing willingness to keep their word. 

Q3 . How many workers are participating in this demonstration and what are the main events for today? 
 Approximately fifteen hundred workers are here to attend this demonstration. Here are we protesting against the unfair judgment and treatment of Local Labor Committee toward workers who are on  demonstration as well as against all the traffic problems , massive layoffs, non-implementation of public platforms  that Pusan Transportation Department has been causing. This is why we egged the buildings belonging to the Local Labor Committee and the Transportation Department.

Q 4.What do you think IMF and other international financial institutions? 
What Korean workers think of IMF is that the mega capital organization cares none about the grass root people. In the process of restructuring that IMF asks for is it only  workers who are asked and led to pay for the crisis. We feel like hanging on the edge of a cliff and there must be other alternatives than that. 

Q5. Some people are crediting Kim Dae Jung's policies with recent signs of economic recovery.  How do you respond to that?
 Not at all. The underlying principle of DJ's policies are always benefiting the chaebols, the power group in politics, and the government itself. It's never taken actions to make them sacrifice  and he must admit that the whole restructuring package failed. The mal-conducive way to just lay off workers along downsizing won't help anything and it's totally unfair. The only means to see a positive influence is to change his principle from the scratch and that would only see a better life for everyone.
Q6 . What do you think of DJ's recent promise to get tough with chaebols?
 I don't believe it and have no expectation about it. Even if he has 
claimed that over and over again, chaebols have been making profits 
and fortune more and more. I couldn't expect less about its workability. 
 Q7. What would you like DJ and the government to do for the people? 
DJ tends to say that his regime is for the people. If he really means it, he should help the people survive this economic crisis first. And that means, he must take away the chaebols control on economy and restructuring process and get 
rid of those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. and that's the very way to help the economy and the people and all workers prosperous again. 
Q8. Anything else you'd like to say? 
It's IMF that drives workers of South Korea and all other non developed countries o suffer economic turmoil. Thus, workers and civilians from all over the world should unite and consolidate , and build up their own power to execute power
and  control on the capital-oriented organizations..