Antony's "It's the End of the Rodeo, as we know it"

That's great, it starts with a cold Hite, horns and
guns, and Galliano and bearded Bruce is not afraid.
Jer couldn’t watch the World Cup, listen to Junior
churn - Chip served his own feeds, We all ate our own
needs. Feeding off a Mike speak, grunt, no, strength,
bathroom start to clatter with fear fight down Hite.
Sae and Jay in a book, representing seven games, a
teacher for hire and a Tie combat site. Chevy’s east
of west and Dave in a hurry with the furies breathing
down his neck. K’s by Jeff - reporters baffled,
trumped, tethered cropped. What happened to the pepper
games! Fine, then. Uh oh, overflow, population, squid
food, but it'll do. Here’s an idiom, Doctor Joe. This
world serves its own needs, listen to your heart
bleed. Pump with the rapture and the revered and Jerry
is right, right. You vitriolic, Adam’s patriotic,
slam, fight, Dinah’s bright light, we were feeling
pretty psyched.

It's the end of the Rodeo as we know it.
It's the end of the Rodeo as we know it.
It's the end of the Rodeo as we know it and I don't
need another snack!

Well ladies and gentlemen,
Not too long ago a couple of foreigners walked into a new bar in Daeyeondong and named the four owners after the Beatles. Three Beatles disappeared, and now the fourth is calling it quits. Many memories were left in their wake, and the era that was the Rodeo is coming to an end. The quiet respite that was our not so hidden away hide away is about to be hidden forever. John has invited all to partake in one last get together this Wednesday night (February 12, 2003). Soon, our den of antiquity will be a much needed convenience store. So come out one last time and have a beer before the urge to buy a bag of chips becomes to strong.




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