Fall 2000 Potpourri
 We begin with Poetry Night at the Daeyeoon-dong Monk (Nov. 11) - it was a refreshing and surprisingly enjoyable way to spend a Saturday night.  Stay tuned for another in December.

 Next up - Asian Week (Nov. 9-12) sponsored by the Asian Games Committee and held at the New CIty Hall.

Some of my favorite new models.  Dozens of my new nieces, nephews, and siblings-in-law gathered for Halmoni(grandmother)'s 80th birthday.

Plate Dance at university Chinese festival Participants of the 2nd annual Korean speech for foreigners (feature uploading soon) Don't know how I overlooked this scorcher from the Back to School party at ZYZYX
A few PIFF extras - this one of Wim Wenders and buddies Scott and  Mia, with one of Pusan's newest and cutest residents ... and this typical, yet striking local couple intently watching a street artist

Mr. Cho, who filmed the PSB documentary on Pweb and his very camera friendly daughter A Haeundae fortune teller who was part of a never to be uploaded feature (due to giving an inaccurate birthtime that yielded an incorrect  and undesirable result). One of Pusan's most famous photographers and prospective judge for Pweb's upcoming photo contest, Kim Hong Hee

 Looking at these photos and thinking 'Hey, they're nothing special!  I got piles of pix better than these' ? Great! Get 'em scanned, get that new digital camera warmed up and get ready for Pusanweb's Upcoming Photo Contest.  Stay tuned for detials.