Our visit to the first full day of PIFF 2002


Johny Hotspur's Video Tour

chill1289.jpgIf you have one of these comprehensive PIFF programs - don't lose it. They were all out on the first day and weren't sure when more would be available.


chill1290.jpgWhen you enter a movie screening you will likely be given one of these. It is a film rating card. '5' is the top rating, '1' is the lowest. Tear off the corresponding tab and deposit it in a collection box as you exit the theater.

The Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images (CDMI) was holding a demostration against WTO negotiations that would remove some of the protections and screen quotas for Korean films. Read their message.


chill1297.jpg chill1298.jpg chill1304.jpg
chill1300.jpg chill1282.jpg chill1307.jpg

Stay Tuned for more Multimedia Coverage of PIFF2002 from Pusanweb

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