1.jpgA Visit to Busan Tower
Busan Tower is located in Yandusan Park in Nampodong.  It was built in 1973 and stands 120 meters above the Pusan landscape.  On a clear day, you can see most of the metropolitan area and beyond. Take our video tour to share the view.  To download the video or audio to your hard drive, click the download icon with the RIGHT mouse button and click 'save link as' (Netscape) or 'save shortcut as' (Explorer).
A Video Tour from Pusan Tower
Audio Only
Hosted by An Su Jin
The new traditional style Korean bell, which is rung thrity three times on New Year's Day
Oyugdo - The famous Pusan landmark which looks like 5 or 6 little islands depending on the tide
Yongdusan Park in front of the tower - popular hangout for all ages and local pigeons
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Pusan Harbor - the bustling activity of Korea's second busiest port can be seen quite clearly

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