Dental Clinics

Dongkyeong Dental Clinic MAP Namcheondong (next to KFC) Bus: 40, 140, 240, 51, 109, 306, 131, 139 611-7330


Dongnae Hanbit Dental Clinic MAP Dongnae - east of Allak Rotary 525-7509

Dr. Kim's Dental Clinic MAP Haeundae - across from Suhyup Bank 783-2874~5

Elite Dental Hospital MAP Sassang gu - jurye subway apt. 332-2875

San Francisco Dental Clinic - website
3F Judies Taehwa, 192-2,
Bujeon-Dong, Jin-Gu, Busan Korea
051-667-8275   [email protected]

Dr. Lee You Shik Namcheon Dong, across from the KBS building.
623-7676 Recommendation: This dentist went to Michigan State University and Seoul National . His English is excellent. He has a brand new office with state-of-the-American-art equipment. He is easy to find: take the subway to Namcheon Station (number 211), leave the subway using exit number 1. Walk towards where the road splits in two, there is a pedestrian walkway spanning the roads. Dr. Lee's clinic is 40 feet beyond the base of the stairs on the right-side road, in front of you. The clinic has signs over the door on the building and is located on the second floor.
Saint Loius Dental Clinic MAP Beomil dong - across from Hyundai Dept Store 645-2895

World Dental Clinic MAP Seomyeon - across from Daewha Dept. Store 804-2875 Recommendation (anonymous) New York University of dental med. GRAD and former professor at NYU, speaks PERFECT english, completely hygentic....crowns, implants, etc...well, same as goin to a dentist in the states. good prices (insur.) (051) 804-2875

Ye Dental Clinic MAP Dongnae - across from Lucky Apt. Bus: 57, 131-1, 35, 44, 50, 130, 130-1, 148, 202, 110-1, 200-1 554-5066

Ye Dental Clinic MAP Between Beomnaegol and Soemyeon - in Samsung Finance Bldg. 808-2900

Dr. Kim Byung Ju -  a dentist in Pusan near the Hyundai Department store. His English skills won't blow you away, but he can communicate very well in may be called "Dental English".  Which means he can tell you that "your bottom left molar is abcess. . . you need extraction" or whatever the problem might be.  His website address is : Phone: 636-6144 
Unfortunately, there isn't a map on his website. He's located on the opposite side from the department store away from Somyon. When you get close to a Lotteria, look to your left and you're very close. He's on the third floor. 

Dr. Jung is a dentist who has a pretty good command of the English. He wears gloves. His office is located in the Hyundai Mart Complex under the Hyundai Apartments that overlook Camp Hialeah. Phone: 852-5533


The San Francisco Dental Clinic in Pusan is the best I have ever been to!

My experience here was even better than with my long trusted doctors in Europe or North America. Dr. Seo and his excellent staff made me feel at ease and  happy while taking excellent care of cavities, replacing old fillings  (amalgam), providing me with new crowns and an implant. The results are  beautiful and feel great! Ironically, he is more professional than any  doctors I came across in San Francisco. I received expert advice and excellent treatment with important considerations such as using implant material that is available and compatible with international best practices.

With his cutting edge equipment (for ex. close up pictures and 360 degree X-ray) he showed me every step of the procedures. I will be able to take this documentation with me to doctors abroad. Naturally, my husband and my son (9) are equally satisfied. Thinking of Korea, our visits at the San Francisco Dental Clinic in Pusan will remain in our memories as one of our great experiences here.

Signed Mrs. Beate Scholz