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Multimedia Guide to Living and Working in Korea
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Mon, 2019-06-17 14:13
Midnight by Overandback (Dishware Set) I’d like to sell this beautiful dishware set which is in great condition. 3 x Big Plates (27cm diameter)3 x Medium Plates (21cm diameter)3 x Shallow Bowls (18cm diameter, 6cm depth)4 x Deep Bowls (14cm diameter, 8cm depth) ₩10,000 Text O1O-4456-6283Pickup  at  Gwangan  Beach

Books, Textbooks, and more books

Mon, 2019-06-17 14:13
AuthorTitlePrice Achebe, ChinuaThings Fall Apart₩2,500 Alexander, TashaAnd Only to Deceive₩2,500 Arnott, JakeHe Kills Coppers₩2,500 Baldacci, DavidThe Winner₩2,500 Baldacci, DavidThe Hit₩2,500 Bolger, DermotFinbar's Hotel₩2,500 Brookmyre, ChristopherOne Fine Day in the Middle of the Night₩2,500 Brown, DanAngels and Demons₩2,500 Browne, StuartDangerous Parking₩2,500 Bryson, BillThe Last Continent₩2,500 Butler, Octavia E.Parable of the Sower₩2,500 Cabot, MegInsatiable₩2,500 Card, Orson ScottPastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus₩2,500 Carlson, RichardDon't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff₩2,500 Clarke, Arthur C.Time's  Eye₩2,500 Cleave, ChrisThe Other Hand₩2,500 Collins, SuzaneThe Hunger Games₩2,500 Conrad, JosephHeart of Darkness and Other Tales₩2,500 Cornwell, BernardAzincourt₩2,500 Crichton, MichaelEaters of the Dead₩2,500 Dickens, CharlesA Tale of Two Cities₩2,500 Dostoevsky, FyodorCrime and Punishment₩2,500 Doyle, Arthur ConanSherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, V.2₩2,500 Eco, UmbertoThe Name of the Rose₩2,500 Ellroy, JamesWhite Jazz₩2,500 Ellroy, JamesL.A.  Confidential₩2,500 Elton, BenPast Mortem₩2,500 Fast, HowardSpartacus₩2,500 Fielding, HelenBridget Jones's Diary₩2,500 Follett, KenEye of the Needle₩2,500 Fulghum RobertMaybe (Maybe Not): Second Thoughts on a Secret Life₩2,500 Gaasenbeek, PaulPurging Matters₩2,500 Gilbert, FrancisI'm a Teacher, Get Me Out of Here₩2,500 Hansberry, LorraineA Raisin in the Sun₩2,500 Harris, JoanneBlackberry Wine₩2,500 Harris, Richard L.Death of a Revolutionary₩2,500 Hastings, MaxThe Korean War₩2,500 Hawks, TonyRound Ireland With a Fridge₩2,500 Heller, JosephPortrait of an Artist as an Old Man₩2,500 Hemingway, ErnestFor Whom the Bell Tolls₩2,500 Herbert, FrankDune₩2,500 Hesse, HermannSiddhartha₩2,500 Hiaasen, CarlDiche Fische₩2,500 Hiaasen, CarlStrip Tease₩2,500 Hiaasen, CarlSkinny Dip₩2,500 Hiaasen, CarlSick Puppy₩2,500 Higgins, JackPassage by Night₩2,500 Hill, LawrenceThe Book of Negroes₩2,500 Hillerman, TonyThe  First  Eagle₩2,500 Hornby, NickAbout a Boy₩2,500 Horwitz, TonyConfederates in the Attic₩2,500 Hugo, VictorLes Miserables₩2,500 Iggulden, ConnGenghis: Lords of the Bow₩2,500 Junger, SebastianThe Perfect Storm₩2,500 Kellerman, JohnathanGone₩2,500 Khoury, RaymondThe Last Templar₩2,500 Krakauer, JonInto Thin Air₩2,500 Kushner, HaroldWhen All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough₩2,500 Lamb, WallyI Know This Much is True₩2,500 Lawrence, D.H.The Rainbow₩2,500 Leonard, ElmoreCat Chaser₩2,500 Liddle, RodToo Beautiful for You₩2,500 Loggia, WendyEver After: A Cinderella Story₩2,500 Lowry, LoisThe Giver₩2,500 MacDonald Fraser GeorgeFlashman₩2,500 McCourt, FrankTis: A Memoir₩2,500 McCourt, FrankAngela's  Ashes₩2,500 Moore, RobinThe Family Man₩2,500 Moore, MichaelDownsize This!₩2,500 Munroe, RandallWhat If?₩2,500 Na, AnA Step From Heaven₩2,500 Nahm, Andrew C.Introduction to Korean History and Culture₩2,500 O'Farrell, JohnThe Best a Man Can Get₩2,500 Osteen, JoelYour Best Life Now₩2,500 Plato,  The Republic₩2,500 Potter, PatriciaTangle of Lies₩2,500 Rand, AynThe Fountainhead₩2,500 Sachar, LouisHoles₩2,500 Salinger, J.D.Catcher in the Rye₩2,500 Sanders, LawrenceMcNally's Bluff₩2,500 Sandford, JohnDark of the Moon₩2,500 Sandford, JohnBroken Prey₩2,500 Schlink, BernardThe Reader₩2,500 Shaw, CatherineFlowers Stained with Moonlight₩2,500 Spindler, EricaBlood Vines₩2,500 Steinbeck, JohnThe Red Pony₩2,500 Steinbeck, JohnCannery Row₩2,500 Stevenson, Robert LouisDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde₩2,500 Strauss, NeilThe Game₩2,500 Suskind, PatrickPerfume₩2,500 Thompson, DaveAlternative Rock₩2,500 Thompson, Hunter  S.Better  than  Sex:  Confessions  of  a  Political  Junkie₩2,500 Wallace, David FosterBreif  Interviews  with Hideous Men₩2,500 Warren, RickThe Purpose of Driven Life₩2,500 Wells, H.G.The War of the Worlds₩2,500 Winterson, JeanetteTanglewreck₩2,500    Beowulf₩2,500    Lonely Planet: Korea₩2,500    Lonely Planet: Bangkok₩2,500    Unbearables₩2,500 Dunlop, NicThe Lost Execuitioner₩4,000 Kiernan, BenThe Pol Pot Regime₩4,000 Pasricha, NeilThe Book of Awesome₩4,000 Harden, BlaineEscape From Camp 14₩4,000 Dahl, RoaldCollection₩25,000    Dominoes: Starters Collection₩20,000 Johnston, Marcia RieferWord  Up!₩4,000    English Icebreak: Intermediate₩5,000    English Icebreak: Advanced₩5,000    101 American English Riddles₩4,000    SOLD₩4,000    SOLD₩4,000    SOLD₩4,000    SOLD₩4,000    Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stores 1₩4,000    English the  American  Way: A  Fun ESL Guide₩6,000


Please check the books in the list above as some are already gone.

The books/textbooks priced higher are brand new.

Must be willing to purchase at least W10,000 of books to make it worth my while meeting to sell.   

I'll sell the whole lot for W65,000


Text  O1O-4456-6283

Pick  up  in  Gwangan  Beach

30m Extension Cord

Mon, 2019-06-17 12:13

30m Extension Cord from Costco (Retail 40,000)

Perfect condition



Text O1O-4456-6283

Pickup at Gwangan beach

Coleman Canopy

Mon, 2019-06-17 10:13

Bought  this Coleman canopy a little over a year ago. Great condition

Paid 140,000 for it, selling for 30,000W

This thing is fantastic for the beach and camping. The case has wheels so it's easy to transport by rolling or carrying handle. Can fit quite a few people under it.


I was going to sell for 60,000W, until I realized I've already sent the pegs back to  Canada :S

You can buy a new set of pegs online for quite cheap or invest in a nice heavy duty  set like I did for a few bucks more.


Text O1O-4456-6283

Pickup at Gwangan Beach

Weber Grill (+Charcoal/Quick-Light Fuel)

Mon, 2019-06-17 02:13
Selling my Weber portable charcoal grill  which is  in perfect conditionRetail: 70,000W I’ll also include:  2x  Kingsford 23LB bags of charcoal briquetsRetail: 40,000W Box of quick light starter fuel packsRetail:  15,000W *I only used enough charcoal and quick light fuel packs for one good BBQ session so they’re almost full Selling all for 40,000WI’m also willing to sell the charcoal/quick lights separately if anyone is looking to restock  Text O1O-4456-6283Pickup at Gwangan Beach   

Kemper Profiler Power Rack (+ Remote + Cables + Profiles) - Guitar Amp

Sun, 2019-06-16 12:13

Kemper Profiler Power Rack (+ Remote + Cables + Profiles)

Condition: Like New


This Kemper is in perfect condition. Still has the plastic on it. Bought in 2018. Racked in studio desk and never moved. You're basically getting a brand new Kemper with a ton of add-ons, for less than its sale value. Comes with tons of the best paid profiles on the market, plus all the cabling you’ll need to connect it. This thing allows you to use literally any amp in a live situation. It's an absolute beast. Selling to help pay for new Mac Pro.



What’s Included + Original Cost:




  • High Quality Audio Cables with Neutrik Connectors and Canare Cabling.
    • 2 XLR to TRS Cables (2 meters) - Main output cables
    • 1 TS to TS Cable (2 meters) - Guitar DI cable
    • 1 TRS to TRS Cable (2 meters) - Re-Amp cable
    • 1 TS to TRS Cable (2 meters) - Alternate output cable
    • USB cable to communicate with computer software


Total Cable Value - 150,000 KRW


- Paid Profiles:


Total Profile Value - 450,000 KRW





To buy all this would cost 3,980,000 KRW. I am selling the everything for 3,250,000 KRW.


Serious Inquiries Only. 010-2817-1990




looking for a teacher for cultural awareness

Sun, 2019-06-16 12:13

im looking for a teacher from America or England or Canada.

this is public school. and for cultural awareness class.

only one time at 13:20-14:20 on june 26th wendesday.

if u r interested, plz mail me.

its not free

For Sale: Electric Guitar

Sat, 2019-06-15 16:13

Swing(TM) Guitar. Mint condition. I bought it from the original owner. Included: a brand-new black nylon strap, spiral cord, tools and picks, a set of Daddario XL super light nickel wound strings, a soft case with the backpack straps and roomy pockets, and an iRig2 guitar interface for iOS and Mac.

I love this guitar and it was really fun to play but I have decided to focus more on my acoustic. The iRig makes practising at home very convenient. It works with GarageBand and the other Apple music software. GarageBand comes free with your iPhone (I think?) and includes a huge selection of virtual pedals and amps that you can use to create an infinite number of effects.


Guitar website: http://swingguitars.com/xe/home_e
iRig2 website: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irig2/


21 speed mountain bike

Sat, 2019-06-15 12:13
Mountain bike for sale. Great for getting around the city. Front suspension for the bumpy roads and paths, 21 speed, disk brakes. I put metal pedals and a more comfortable seat on. I also added more ergonomic grips with bar ends. The bike comes with front and back lights, a pump, and a lock. 100,000 or reasonable offers.

Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2019 version - 130,000 KRW

Fri, 2019-06-14 20:13

Selling my brand new Samsung Gear VR with Controller 2019 version. 

Asking price 130,000 KRW

Support now includes S10 series and S10 5G. 

Came along with my S10 mobile. But I'm not interested in VR. 

Package opened juts to check the items. 

Brand new price 149,600 KRW. 



Contact me - 01024282986

Pick up point - Pusan National University station Line 1.

Free shipping is possible. 

JBL Flip (portable bluetooth speaker)

Fri, 2019-06-14 18:13

JBL Flip 

(portable Bluetooth Speaker)

Quality Speaker, clear sound, good battery life

I also have original case and Korean power adapter



Pickup at my apartment on Gwangan Beach

Text O1O-4456-6283

Blade-less electric fan- safety fan for kids/babies

Fri, 2019-06-14 14:13

Blade-less electronic fan- safer for kids/babies’s rooms

Almost brand new  (without box, used once). 

will sell 80,000 (o.n.o.)

pick up only. 

ph 010 4470 6779



Portable Burner & Kovea Torch

Fri, 2019-06-14 12:13

Portable  Burner purchased from Costco + 8 Cans of Butane



Kovea Torch +  5  Cans of Butane



Burner, Torch, 20 cans of butane



Hot deal!


Text O1O-4456-6283

Pickup on Gwangan beach

Moving Sale Haeundae part 3

Fri, 2019-06-14 12:13


4K 55’ TV

KRW 350,000



KRW 300,000


Zenos 55 inch 4K Ultra HDTV, LED BackLight, remote control

18 months old and in great condition


Electric Kettle

KRW 10,000

1.5-year-old Tefal Electric Kettle. In great condition. Boils up to 1.7 litres.



KRW 7,000 each


Glade automatic room freshener (plus 2 refills: lavender & ocean breeze)

KRW 5,000 each with refill bottle


Passes to Shinsegae Centum City Spaland

Fri, 2019-06-14 10:13

I've 21 Spaland passes with no expiry.

12,000W each


Regular price of admission: 

Weekday - 17,000W

Weekend - 20,000W


Whether  you're looking to treat yourself or show visitors some of the attractions in Busan, Spaland is a great place to pamper oneself. It's friendly, clean, quiet, and has a lot of facilites.

If you've never been to a sauna/jimjilbang, this is definitely one of the best in  Busan (if not Korea).


I'd prefer to sell at least four at a time.

Message  me at O1O-4456-6283 if you're interested  or have questions.

Official Martin DXMAE (electric) acoustic guitar/hardcase/free stand

Fri, 2019-06-14 10:13

Official Martin DXMAE (electric) acoustic guitar with official Martin acoustic Hardcase/free acoustic guitar stand. Purchased brand new 5 months ago for 1,200,000₩. Guitar and hardcase are both in excellent condition. No scratches, marks or damage. The guitar will be professionally serviced, and will be sold with new strings.

Price: 750,000₩

Invitation to Familarilzation Tour to Sokcho_강원도 속초 외국인 유학생 팸투어

Fri, 2019-06-14 10:13

We are inviting you to join the fam tour to Sokcho, a beautiful coastal city of Gangwondo Province, with us!


Please pay attention, anyone who would like to travel some other hot places other than Seoul, and take pictures and share them on social network pages!!


If you are lucky to be selected as one of our travel mates, we will make a trip together to the following hot places in Sokcho


1. The site of the K-drame starring Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum

2. Cafe "Chilsung Boatyard Salon"

3. Top-rated crunch Korean fried chicken restaurant in Sokcho Jungang Market

4. Seorak Cultural Center, where you can have a cup of tea enjoying a beautiful view of Seoraksan mountain


-Eligibility: Only international students who attend universities in Korea or foreign exchange stduents are qualified to apply for the fam tour.

-The fam tour will be made on June 21, 2019

-Transportation and meals will be provided


To apply for the tour program, please click the link below and fill out the application form: https://forms.gle/WHRpuDHvUYLwtVRGA

*Application deadline: June 14, 2019


*To get more possibility to be selected, please like our facebook page “The province of Gangwon,” and share this post!



Moving Sale Haeundae part 2

Fri, 2019-06-14 10:13

Some more things are looking for a new home. Please let us know if you are interested in any of the items. We can deliver it to a nearby station or you can come by and pick it up from us.





Blade automatic room freshener (plus 2 refills: lavender & ocean breeze)

KRW 7,000 each with refill bottle


KRW 10,000

Christmas decorations

KRW 10,000

Wet/dry vacuum

KRW 10,000

Philips nonfryer from Japan (Convection oven that fries without any oil)

KRW 40,000

(Original price KRW 200,000)

Cold sake glasses from Japan

KRW 8,000

Hot sake glasses from Japan

KRW 8,000


KRW 10,000 each

Bread Maker + Free voltage converter

KRW 50,000

KRW 40,000

Hamilton Beach 2-LB bread Maker; English button labels and display; includes English user guides.

Original price of $150 USD and selling for KRW 50,000 and it will come with a heavy duty voltage converter for free!

Night Table


TV Stand


Hair Dryer

KRW 25,000

KRW 20,000

1-year-old ion hair dryer from Japan. It has a hot/ cool mode and goes up to 1500w. It comes with a free (fairly new) voltage converter.

Electric Kettle

KRW 15,000

KRW 10,000

1.5-year-old Tefal Electric Kettle. In great condition. Boils up to 1.7 litres.

4K 55’ TV

KRW 350,000

Zenos 55 inch 4K Ultra HDTV, LED BackLight, remote control

18 months old and in great condition


Ladie's clothes for sale - Brand new from Asos, Missguided

Fri, 2019-06-14 04:13

Here are a few brand new dresses from Asos. Please contact if you are interested.




Tie Front Ribbed Midi Dress - Missguided






KRW 12,000

White Dress with Tie Front

Original Price :


Never worn, brand new

Size : UK 8 EU36

Asymmetrical Lace Black Dress - Asos Design

Brand New, comes with tag








KRW 12,000

Black Dress

Original Price :


Never worn, brand new

Size : UK 8 EU 36

Off the shoulder dress with arm bow ties

Asos Design

New, comes with a tag







KRW 10,000

Nude/Pink Dress

Original Price :


Never worn, brand new

Size : UK 10

EU 38

Maxi red dress with buttons-

(Never worn - comes with tag)

KRW 9,000

Red Dress

Original Price :


Never worn, brand new

Size : UK 10

EU 38


Looking for a part/full time teaching job (Hadan or surrounding areas)

Thu, 2019-06-13 20:13
I am, Jaehong Lee (JJ), currently looking for a part or full time teaching job either short or long term . I prefer Hadan or surrounding area but other locations will be considered. I have more than 19 years of tesaching experience in Korea from children to adults including 7 years of Toefl speaking, writing, reading and listening as a native speaker. I prefer teaching elementary students and up. I became Korean citizen about 12 years ago and I can provide all documents necessary to teach in Korea. If you have any positions open then call or text me at 010-4732-0324 (If I do not answer then please leave a text message and I will call you as soon as I can). I can send my resume at your request.