And the winners are...

The results have been tallied and the winners are in!

Drum roll please...

The winner of the Kangsan Travel First Place Prize, a trip to Thailand is: 


Mekju and Soju! (9% of the total votes)

The Dongha Bar Keg Party 2nd Place Prize goes to:

Kim Jung Il and Baby Bush (8% of the total votes)

And the Third Place Prizes, sponsored by PS Korean, KLIFF and No Naim go to: 


 Axl Rose (PS Korean Lessons)
(7% of the final votes)

 Bitch (PS Korean Lessons)
(7% of the final votes)
Rubik's Cube (KLIFF lessons)
(7% of the final votes)

 Traffic Light (KLIFF Korean Lessons)
(6% of the total votes)

Homer Simpson (Dinner for Two at No Naim)
(6% of the final votes)

 Congratulations to all the winners! You will be notified by email about how to claim your prizes. Thanks again to all the contest sponsors and the barstaff from the various bars. We hope to see everyone out again next year!

Final voting result statistics