Internal Medicine

Dr. Kang's Internal Clinic MAP Bujeon2dong 817-2334~5

Dr. Yang's Internal Medicine MAP Between children's park and Camp Haeliah 803-0399

Hansarang Internal Medicine Hospital MAP Sassang 337-7575

Kang's Internal Medicine Clinic MAP Yeonandong , Yeonsan rotary Subway exit: 10 or 12 852-8052

 Dr. Hong, Sung Jun - a very good Christian Doctor in Suyoung Gu. He specializes in internal medicine, but could also be considered a general practitioner.  His clinic is named "Hong Clinic", and it is located in Mangmechugong Apartments in Mangmedong. Besides his ability to speak quite good English, I found this young doctor to be really very intelligent and very kind. An added advantage is that his wife is a  specialist in skin care and beauty treatment. Their clinic is fairly new and would be a definite advantage to members of Suyoungro Church from where this is a short walk. His clinic is well equipped and his treatment very satisfactory.   His phone number is 759 8060 (this one is received by his receptionists). His direct line is 751 2802 Recommended by Caesar J. David


This is Jae Sung Chung, M.D. I am very glad to know this site. I am a doctor working at Siwon Medical Clinic. I have worked at internal medicine department of Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon, USA as a research fellow for a year. I made English homepage recently for foreigners. The address is Our clinic is located near Yeonsan Rotary. It is easy of access. I hope that our clinic will contribute to health of foreigners in Pusan.