Songjeong Beach

Songjeong Beach covers an area of 40,000 square meters and welcomes about 144,000 visitors from July 7th to August 31st. It is quieter and less developed than other nearby beaches. Though Songjeong Beach was opened on July 9, 1965, summer civilian visitors were not permitted to approach the west white sand area until 1993, when its designation as a resort area only for the military changed. Today the entire beach is open to all visitors. 

To get there:
From Busan Station: Take Bus No.139, 140, 239, 302-1
From Subway: Take subway line No.2 and get off at Haeundae Station (Exit no.7)→ Take Bus No. 100, 100-1, 139, 142 → Get off at Songjeong Station and walk 600 meters.

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