Haeundae Beach

Once known only for its hot springs, the narrow strip of sand around Haeundae has become Korea`s most popular beach. During summer vacation and especially on weekends, the area becomes a wall of humanity. Even during the cooler seasons, people flock to Haeundae for a stroll along the boardwalk, to fly kites in the ocean breeze, or to look for shells in the sand. Another popular attraction is the Busan Aquarium, completed in 2001 and situated in the center of Haeundae Beach. Close to Haeundae are a number of hot springs,  the Oryuk Islets, Moon-viewing Road, Cheongsapo (a famous raw fish restaurant), Suyoung Yachting Center, the recently opened Municipal Art Museum and Busan Exhibition Center, and Dongbaek Island. According to legend, Choi Chi-won passed by Haeundae on his way to Mount Gaya where he was to give up his government position. Fascinated by the exquisite wonders of Dongbaek Island, he set up camp and called the area "Haeundae" after his pen name, "Hae-un."

To get to Haeundae Beach:

1. Subway
- From exit 3 or 5 of Haeundae station (Busan Subway Line 2), walk 10 min toward the beach.
2. Bus
- Busan Station -> Haeundae (inter-city bus: 139, 140, 239, 240, 302; deluxe bus: 2001, 2003) - takes about 40 minutes
3. Taxi
- Takes 40 min from Busan Station.

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