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Busan is situated on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. It is a bustling city of more than 4 million residents and is endowed with a natural environment that includes a variety of scenic mountains, beaches, hot springs and parks. Its long history and unique culture has also provided it with an abundance of traditional style temples and interesting siteseeing spots. Below is a listing of the most popular places to visit in Busan. We are still in the process of building some of these sections. If you have information to share about these or other Busan Places, please contact the Places Section Manager at: [email protected] Visit the Outdoor Recreation Guide for more information.

- Dadaepo
- Gwanganli
- Haeundae
- Songdo
- Songjeong

- Mt. Baekyang
- Mt. Bogae
- Mt. Bae
- Mt. Baekun
- Mr. Dareum
- Mt. Geumjeong
- Mt. Hwangnyeong

- Amman Park
- Geumgang Park
- Daesin Park
- Sumir Park
- Sindeondae Park
- Igidae Park
- Taejongdae Park
- Yongdusan Park

- Beomosa
- Tongdosa
- Yonggungsa

SiteSeeing Spots
Busan Tower
Chagalchi Market
Childrens' Park
Piff Plaza
Texas Street
U.N. Cemetary

Busan is divided into 16 main disrticts (known as 'gu's' or 'guns'). The links below will take you to the homepages of each district
- Bukgu
- Busanjin
- Donggu
- Dongnaegu
- Gangsoegu
- Haeundaegu
- Junggu
- Gijanggun
- Geumjeonggu
- Namgu
- Sahagu
- Sasanggu
- Seogu
- Suyounggu
- Yeonjaegu
- Youngdogu

Notable Neighborhoods
PNU area

Outside of Busan

- Bulguksa
- Bupjusa
- Gatbawi
- Haeinsa

For more info about these and other Busan Places (as well as maps), we suggest KNTO's Listing of Busan Destinations

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